LGB Business Partner Spotlight: Aeroplex/Aerolease Group

LGB Business Partner Spotlight: Aeroplex/Aerolease Group

May 2021

This month we’d like to introduce Curt Castagna,President/CEO of Aeroplex/Aerolease Group. His diverse background in aviation spans over 40 years of expertise in aviation business operations and management, facility design, sustainable airport development and facility construction, leasing,negotiations and business development. Curt’s an active licensed pilot and aircraft owner with a personal passion for aviation!

Q: Can you tell us about Aeroplex/Aerolease’s operation at Long Beach Airport?
A: The Aeroplex Aviation facility was constructed in 1984 for the original Atlantic Aviation, owned then by the DuPont family. I took a line service technician (“ramper”) position at Atlantic while attending college and eventually worked my way up to managing the entire FBO. In 1991, when Atlantic decided to leave LGB, the founders and developers, Aerolease, asked me to stay and convert the operation to Aeroplex. I subsequently stepped into a role managing other locations, since the Aeroplex Group Partners develops and operates some large aviation leaseholds in Southern California at prestigious locations in Van Nuys and Long Beach Airports.

We’ve had a long-standing and successful relationship with LGB for over 35 years. With over 14 acres of property, Aeroplex is home to more than 25 hangars totaling 200,000 sq. ft., two 3-story 42,000 sq. ft. office buildings and the largest operating ramp area on the airport campus. We have a diverse variety of tenants and aircraft based at our facilities that rival major general aviation airports. 

In 2020, Aeroplex completed Long Beach Airport’s first rooftop solar system! The sum of the LGB system will provide 424 metric tons of Carbon Dioxide Offset Equivalents. This project is one of our proudest to date and we are extremely passionate about bringing sustainable development to the aviation industry. Aeroplex has completed airport rooftop systems at four other airports and has two new airport solar projects underway. We’re very proud of our leadership in airport development that integrates sustainable environmental programs within the project.

Q: How has COVID-19 affected your business?
A: While the commercial aviation industry screeched to a halt due to COVID-19, the demand for private aviation surged as a direct response. Across the nation, the need for airport and aviation development and consulting is at an all-time high. General aviation has, and will continue, to demonstrate its value to the national airspace system. Infrastructure for today’s newest aircraft and sustainable development are in high demand. Aeroplex is well positioned to use our 40 years of experience to fill this need. Currently, we’re working on exclusive development and consulting projects at Dallas Love Field, and new projects in Van Nuys, Bozeman and other feasibility studies at new airports, in addition to our normal operations at LGB, VNY and SMO.

Providing a safe and healthy environment for our tenants and customers has always been a top priority, but we have established industry recognized standards for infectious disease safety and protective guidelines at all our locations throughout the past year. We’ve adapted protocols by scheduling regular sanitation of our facilities and offering these services to our tenants and business partners. These efforts have allowed us to protect and provide confidence to clients,guests, staff and vendors.

Q: What do you like best about being part of the LGB community?
A: Long Beach Airport is a diverse center of aviation activity – from private aviation, training,helicopters, public agency, military and corporate, to the commercial airlines and the occasional blimp or airship. This diversity aligns well with the City’s diversity in economic development and should be considered a vital component of this community’s value. The Airport’s diversity, together with one of the nation’s most conservative and coveted noise ordinances, permits the Airport to maximize its economic potential as a travel and job creation hub, while best mitigating the community’s quality of life needs and expectations. We are proud to support this vision.

Q: Anything else you’d like to share with your fellow LGB business partners?
A: With a rich history in aviation, as an airport that served the nation during WWII and beyond as a center of manufacturing, LGB continues to evolve. The challenges presented with changes in airlines and service companies are an opportunity for the City to re-envision LGB in bringing new technologies and aerospace development. Aeroplex Group Partners is prepared to assist LGB and the City in meeting the needs of the future for airport development and meeting the newest FAA and airport design standards, while integrating environmental sustainability and best practices into projects that will optimize the Airport, and best assure a quality of life for the Long Beach community.

About Aeroplex Group Partners

Aeroplex Group Partners (AGP) is an airport and aviation development, consulting, and property/project management company. With over 40 years of private sector airport land use, development and facility management experience, and together with our member consultants who combined have well over 100 years of public sector policy experience, AGP provides airports and aviation businesses a team with in depth skills in airport administration and operations, contract management, airport planning, land and airspace issues, facility and FBO development, management, marketing and business planning. For more information, visit www.aeroplex.net.

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Muhammad Abdallah, Aeroplex/Aerolease Group

(562) 981-2659 or muhammad@aeroplex.net