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Solar Panel Systems

Long Beach Airport

In January 2021, Aeroplex Group Partners celebrated the completion of the largest solar energy project on the Long Beach Airport’s campus, marking a huge milestone in LGB’s environmental sustainability program.

  • 381 kilowatts (kw) / 0.381 megawatts (mw)
  • 940 panels spanning over 55,000 sf
  • Generating 571,500 kWh generated annually

Program Impact

  • Removes from the air annually:
    • 200 asthma-inducing particulates
    • 3,267 lbs of nitrous oxide
    • 2,949 lbs of sulfur dioxide
    • 1 million lbs of carbon dioxide emissions
  • Equivalent to:
    • Eliminating 1.07 million car miles annually
    • Planting 563 acres of trees
    • Charging 54,981,481 smart phones

Van Nuys Airport

Together with the Los Angeles World Airports, Aeroplex is proud to have been part of Van Nuys Airport’s Green Initiative, which is leading the effort to make VNY the most prolific solar generator at the nation’s most active business aviation airport.

In 2018, Aeroplex was the first Master Leaseholder at VNY to install a roof top Feed in Tariff (FIT) system. The year after it was installed, the project generated almost 2 million kWh of solar energy.

  • 29,889 Rooftop Solar Panels
  • Generating 17,940 Megawatts (MWh) of Solar Power annually.
  • The sum of the system will provide 12,714 metric tons of greenhouse gas Carbon Dioxide Offset Equivalents.

Program Impact

  • Removes from the air annually:
    • 791 asthma-inducing particulates
    • 12,863 lbs of nitrous oxide
    • 11,609 lbs of sulfur dioxide
    • 4 million lbs of carbon dioxide emissions
  • Equivalent to:
    • Eliminating 6.5 million car miles annually
    • Planting 850 acres of trees

VNY Project Spotlight

Western Jet Aviation

Acting as a consultant to PCS Energy and Current Energy, two locally well established renewable companies, Aeroplex oversaw the seamless installation of these solar projects, while managing the City, Airport, FAA and master leaseholder entitlements and administrative coordination.

  • Project Specs:
    • 4,285 Rooftop Solar Panels
    • Producing 1.5 Megawatts

Stormwater Programs

The only sure way to eliminate stormwater pollution is to eliminate stormwater runoff. Infiltration is typically the most cost effective and reliable runoff reduction approach. Underground storage utilizes the available leasehold land, thus maximizing the land value. Subsurface infiltration at airports meets the objectives of Low Impact Development (LID) requirements by reducing runoff and recharging groundwater aquifers.

Stormwater Consulting Projects
Over the last 5 years, Aeroplex Group Partners has championed stormwater projects at VNY Airport that:

  • Mitigate stormwater runoff on approximately 70 acres of airport leasehold land.
  • Infiltrate 1,355,100 gallons of water back into the soil.
  • Treat approximately 350,165 gallons of water prior to the city’s storm water system.
  • Provide capacity for 50 and 100 year storms.
  • Eliminate pollution, improve local aquifer supply, and improve pavement management at the VNY Airport.

VNY Airport Water Quality Treatment PDF  →

Sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAF)

Aeroplex Group Partners is setting the standard for sustainable aviation fuel.

In March 2018, Aeroplex Group Partners Implemented unleaded aviation gasoline (UL-94) at Santa Monica Airport, making it the first airport in the Los Angeles region to find a viable fuel replacement at commercially competitive prices.

In January 2019, Aeroplex Group Partners helped Van Nuys Airport (VNY) become the first general aviation airport in the United States to offer Sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAF). In 2020, over 100,000 gallons of SAF were dispensed at VNY.

  • “As one of the world’s busiest general aviation airports – with 231,000 annual operations supporting diverse private, business and government aviation needs – Van Nuys Airport is committed to leading the way in environmental sustainability. We are honored to play a key role in advancing the use of sustainable alternative fuels and reducing greenhouse gas emissions from aircraft at airports across the nation.”
    – Van Nuys Airport Association (VNAA) President Curt Castagna
    Learn more  →

Thought leaders in Sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAF)

  • Our team of aviation professionals has spoken on various panels at leading aviation conferences and shows all over the globe including AAAE, NBAA, NATA, and more.
  • In 2022, Justin Castagna, Director of Operations & Project Management, spoke about unleaded avgas at Association of Airports Annual Conference in Lake Tahoe, CA.
  • Justin presented on solar energy at the National Airports Conference in Savannah, GA 2021.

Certificates & Awards

Our Location Is Safety 1st Clean (NATA)

Aeroplex Group Partners was the first airport developer to obtain NATA’s Sustainability Standard for Aviation Businesses at our Long Beach + Van Nuys facilities.



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