Ferdinand F. Peña

Fred Peña has over 40 years of combined airport, airline and aviation leadership experience. He has held various leadership positions with two major air carriers at airports in Hawaii and California. As a station manager he represented his company’s interests and managed their operations; administered multi-disciplined staff, contractors and vendors; and ensured compliance with all federal, state and local regulations.

As the Superintendent of Airport Operations at Long Beach Airport, Peña is responsible for day-to-day operations including airfield safety, maintenance, facilities and capital projects. His customer service experience enables him to successfully interact with airport users, tenants, internal divisions and external organizations to ensure successful business outcomes. In addition, Peña has a track record of ensuring airport staff, facilities and equipment are prepared and provisioned to deal with emergencies or natural disasters.

Peña has produced and distributed new airport documents and manuals such as a signage plan, helicopter pilot guides, inspection checklists and emergency plans. He has worked with city engineering and construction groups to ensure capital improvement projects were completed safely and on schedule. His hands-on approach resulted in Long Beach Airport receiving its first ever “No Findings” determination from the FAA during its annual certification inspection in 2008.

Peña is also an FAA-certified private pilot, flight attendant and airport security coordinator.

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