Our Founders Story

Milton and George

When our founder Milton Widelitz (on left), an avid pilot, bought his own airplane, he quickly realized he had nowhere to store it. Being a person of vision with a keen eye for opportunity, he in true entrepreneurial spirit negotiated land leases over the next 25 years at the Van Nuys and Long Beach airports in what was to become the Aeroplex Aerolease Group entities. As an M.I.T.- educated engineer and construction manager, Milton had been involved in building some of the most iconic structures in America, including The Pan Am building in New York and the Sears Tower in Chicago, so becoming a builder/developer was very much in his DNA.

In 1978, Milton teamed up with businessman George Arkin whom had over 40 years of finance experience as a Director for Manufacturers Bank. As is so often the case in successful partnerships, each brought their own talents and strengths to the relationship. George was practical, methodical, and experienced in finance. He was also gifted in bringing people together and was involved in many philanthropic organizations, including The City Of Hope Medical Center, serving on its National Board of Directors for over 30 years.

In the formation of Aeroplex Aerolease Group, George and Milton were true pioneers ushering in the transformation of General Aviation from the era of small propeller aircraft into the corporate and private jet era of today. The legacy built by Milton and George continues today in the next generation as a family run business staffed by professionals whose dedication, integrity and technical expertise are the best in the business.

Milton Widelitz and George Arkin



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