40 Years of Experience

Aeroplex Group Partners brings more than 40 years of diverse experience developing airport and aviation facilities. We deliver mixed-use projects that incorporate premier office, hangar, shop and meeting space to accommodate every mission and economic opportunity.

Our industry-leading professionals navigate complex issues such as complex entitlement challenges, regulatory approvals, land use planning, airspace and FAA Part 77 compliance, government affairs and financial modeling. Our projects are proudly on time and under budget, with successful tenancies benefiting both the airport and surrounding communities.

  • Aviation & Industrial Facility Design. We deliver first-class, sustainable facilities and amenities to serve the unique needs of aircraft owners, operators and flight crews.
  • Construction & Business Development. We develop mixed-use projects that incorporate office, hangar, shop and meeting space to accommodate every business and aviation requirement.
  • Lease Negotiation & Management. We offer flexible lease terms and the most competitive rates to ensure our projects have a positive impact on airport stakeholders.


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