Project Management – Master Tenant Solar Installations

Van Nuys, CA – Van Nuys Airport (VNY)

Aeroplex Group Partners is facilitating project management activities for solar installations on several master tenant leaseholds at Van Nuys Airport. These projects will assist the airport’s sustainability efforts toward Airport Carbon Accreditation Level 3 Certification, drive innovation and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Supporting efforts to create clean energy for sustainable design and efficient operations, Aeroplex Group Partners is responsible for:

  • Facilitating all regulatory and interagency lease negotiations, plan approvals and permitting
  • Analyzing airport, FAA and Part 77 airspace policy on ground/building-mounted solar installations on airport property
  • Advising the installation and solar teams on aviation facility operational tendencies to most efficiently navigate, plan, schedule, and phase construction activities.

Property Management & Consulting - Self-Service Fuel Island - Runway Shortening Project – Stakeholder Coordination

Santa Monica, CA – Santa Monica Airport (SMO)

Since 2016, Aeroplex Group Partners has been under contract with the City of Santa Monica to manage tasks ranging from a detailed analysis of master tenant versus direct tenant relationships, to providing day-to-day property management services. Aeroplex Group Partners has successfully performed the following activities:

  • Providing day-to-day property management services for over 200 tenants encompassing more than 225,000 square feet of hangar and office space across 10.5 acres
  • Acting as stakeholder coordinator and project facilitator during the city’s runway shortening project
  • Overseeing and managing daily operation of the self-service fuel island
  • Creating a business plan and budget for the city to evaluate operating its own airport FBO under its proprietary rights
  • Complying with city policy and its consent decree with the Federal Aviation Administration

General Aviation Rates & Fees Study - General Aviation Feasibility Business Plan Proposal

State of Hawaii – Department of Transportation

Recognizing that Hawaii’s airports are unique, Aeroplex Group Partners analyzed aircraft parking rates and fees for the State Department of Transportation to determine the optimal way to maintain a self-sustaining airport system and meet federal obligations. In partnership with Ricondo & Associates, Aeroplex Group Partners is also conducting an analysis of operations at a variety of Hawaii’s general aviation airports to ensure the airport system is meeting its system planning requirements efficiently. This work includes:

  • Identifying and comparing over 80 commercial and general aviation airports in the U.S. to determine the optimal method for setting aircraft parking rates and fees
  • Providing a financial illustration of applicable fees and parking revenues
  • Meeting with airport stakeholders to review general aviation needs, demands and operations

Wide-Body Hangar Development Analysis

Roswell, NM – Roswell International Air Center Airport (ROW)

In partnership with Armstrong Consultants, Aeroplex Group Partners is utilizing financial modeling and pro forma projections to estimate hangar development costs for potential opportunities at Roswell International Air Center Airport in New Mexico. A key responsibility is coordinating concept development to determine an estimated rough order of magnitude planning estimate. This includes vertical structures, site civil landside facilities and utility infrastructure consideration. The project team’s scope of work also includes:

  • Quantifying economic incentives and applying them to appropriate project elements
  • Establishing a pro forma to develop an accurate bottom-line development cost and lease rate
  • Conducting a competitive analysis of airports that offer similar services, facilities or development opportunities

Policy Review: Aircraft Storage Agreements Reversion - Building Code Review: T-Hangar Upgrade & Operational Cost Estimate

Boulder City, NV – Boulder City Airport (BVU)

Aeroplex Group Partners prepared recommendations for Boulder City Airport regarding the reversion of aircraft storage hangars, including a review of industry best practices, aircraft/airport demand projections, estimated building code and operational costs, and Federal Aviation Administration policy. The scope of work also included:

  • Reviewing Master Plan, Capital Improvement Program, Rules and Regulations, and Minimum Standards documents
  • Examining various airport lease agreements
  • Analyzing related local and regional industry trends and airport policies

Policy Review – Privately-Owned Aircraft Storage Hangar Agreements

Ventura County, CA – Ventura County Department of Airports (CMA)/(OXR)

Aeroplex Group Partners was engaged by the Ventura County Department of Airports, which operates Camarillo and Oxnard Airports, to provide recommendations on hangar leasing practices for private aircraft storage. The criteria for selection included Aeroplex/Aerolease Group’s credibility and experience in general aviation airport management, operations, facility/FBO consulting, development and leasing. The scope of work included:

  • Recommending best management practices for consideration
  • Evaluating Federal Aviation Administration policy and industry standards
  • Presenting policy guidance for aircraft hangar storage leasing and to achieve airportself-sustainability

Operations Review of Mariposa Airport / Conceptual Airport Business Plan

County of Mariposa, CA – Mariposa Yosemite Airport (RMY)

Aeroplex Group Partners evaluated the operation of the Mariposa County Airport and presented a SWOT Analysis, a business plan with management considerations to be protect the airport’s sustainability, and alternative revenue opportunities that would help achieve efficient and effective operation. Beyond analyzing the airport’s management structure, work included:

  • Identifying alternative options for FBO operations and staffing
  • Establishing the highest and best use of airport assets to best serve airport users
  • Determining options to maximize revenue sources and minimize expenses

A Two Private Hangar and Office Facility at Signature Flight Support (VNY)

Los Angeles, CA – Van Nuys Airport (VNY)

Aeroplex Group Partners is developing a new facility at Van Nuys Airport, including two new hangars with office and shop space, a new ramp area and a roof top solar array. Aeroplex is the project manager overseeing the design and construction, and manages the site and property leasing. The new facility includes:

  • Two 31,000 square foot private hangars to accommodate a full range of business aircraft
  • Two attached private office and shop areas totaling 8,373 square feet
  • Over 75,000 square feet of new renovated ramp and aircraft staging areas
  • LED lighting and solar power panels
  • Epoxy Hangar floor coatings
  • Private, gated and exclusive parking lot to accommodate over 40 vehicles
  • Advanced security & surveillance systems

Aeroplex Group Partners Solar Panel & Carport Installation Project

Los Angeles, CA – Van Nuys Airport (VNY)

In partnership with PCS Energy, Aeroplex/Aerolease Group completed the first-ever roof top solar array project at Van Nuys Airport.  Consisting of approximately 4,000 panels spanning some 150,000 square feet, the roof-mount/canopy solar electric system will generate approximately 2.5 million kilowatts of electricity and reduce carbon dioxide emissions by more than 4 million pounds annually.

  • Equivalent of planting 850 acres of trees and eliminating 6.5 million car miles
  • Projected to remove 791 asthma-inducing particulates, 12,863 pounds of nitrous oxide and 11,609 pounds of sulfur dioxide from the air per year
  • Retrofitted facility with LED lighting to further reduce utility usage

Pavement, Electrical Upgrade & Tenant Improvement Project at Western Jet Aviation

Los Angeles, CA – Van Nuys Airport (VNY)

As Project Manager, Aeroplex/Aerolease Group supervises the general contractor and oversees the completion of entitlement investment improvements to the Western Jet Aviation facility at Van Nuys Airport. This includes interagency coordination of required approvals among the airport authority, the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), and municipal utility and building and safety departments. Aeroplex/Aerolease Group’s responsibilities include:

  • Rehabilitating approximately 200,000 square feet of pavement to meet FAA specifications for aircraft apron areas
  • Installing electrical upgrade to the main customer station feeding the main and adjoining facilities
  • Remodeling restroom interiors, HVAC systems, office and kitchen areas
  • Installing security, camera and access control systems
  • Providing strategic counsel on lease renegotiations and amendments

Ground Service Equipment Facility & Apron Project at Signature Flight Support East

Los Angeles, CA – Van Nuys Airport (VNY)

Signature Flight Support is remodeling its Ground Service Facility (GSE) at Van Nuys Airport, including construction of a concrete aircraft ramp area. As Project Manager, Aeroplex/Aerolease Group facilitates proactive collaboration among the project team, including airport staff, engineering and design team members, and building and safety officials. At its successful completion, the $3.5 million facility will feature:

  • Approximately 60,000 square feet of concrete aircraft ramp space to store aircraft up to the size of a Gulfstream 650
  • 11,000 square feet of GSE vehicle shop space with associated support office
  • Parking lot accommodating over 30 vehicles and ground service equipment

Aeroplex Group Partners Redevelopment Project

Los Angeles, CA – Van Nuys Airport (VNY)

Completed on time and under budget, this $7.5 million, 3-acre development at Van Nuys Airport features exclusive hangar, office, shop and private terminal areas. Encompassing 123,162 square feet, the expansion includes:

  • 38,000 square feet of hangar space to accommodate a full range of business aircraft, turbo-props and executive jets
  • 8,500 square feet of shop, office and terminal space
  • Customizable conference, kitchen, lounge facilities and a state-of-the-art security system
  • Over 55,000 square feet of new aircraft ramp and staging areas
  • Private, gated and exclusive parking lot to accommodate over 45 vehicles

U.S. Customs & Border Protection Facility at Signature Flight Support

Los Angeles, CA – Van Nuys Airport (VNY)

Aeroplex/Aerolease Group was instrumental in the re-establishment of U.S. Customs and Border Protection services at Van Nuys Airport under the federal User Fee Airport Program, demonstrating how strong public-private partnerships benefit business aviation and fuel the economy. The 1,528-square-foot clearance facility located at Signature Flight Support features interview and inspection rooms, office space, an information technology/LAN room, and state-of-the-art access control and alarm systems. As project manager, Aeroplex/Aerolease Group successfully oversaw:

  • Inter-organizational agreements and coordination
  • Contractor bid, contract award and work activities
  • Overall construction planning, scheduling and execution
  • Fast-tracking of construction completion, testing and staffing to required standards

Hangar and Office Facility at Signature Flight Support (DAL)

Dallas, TX – Dallas Love Field Airport (DAL)

In March 2021, Aeroplex Group Partners completed and received Certificate of Occupancy for the development at Dallas Love Field Airport (DAL), which includes a new hangar with office and shop space, a new ramp area and covered car parking. AGP was the project manager that oversaw the design and construction, and is currently managing the site and property leasing.

  • 38,750 square feet of private hangar space with a 235 foot clear door opening
  • 7,000 square feet of office and shop space
  • Customizable conference, food prep, and lounge facilities
  • Epoxy Hangar floor coatings
  • Private, gated and exclusive parking lot to accommodate over 64 vehicles
  • Advanced security & surveillance systems

Signature Flight Support FBO Terminal

King County, WA – Boeing Field-King County Airport (BFI)

Signature Flight Support’s new FBO terminal at Boeing Field-King County Airport is an impressive example of how Aeroplex/Aerolease Group works collaboratively with airport, business and community stakeholders to achieve success. Offering an expansive ramp/apron area, the $7.25 million facility features:

  • 38,000-square-foot  clear-span hangar with a 225-foot door opening
  • 9,000 square feet of office, shop and terminal lobby space
  • Skylights, LED lighting and solar power panels

Consulting – Hangar Development Analysis

Nashville, TN – John C. Tune Airport (JWN), Metropolitan Nashville Airport Authority (MNAA)

Aeroplex Group Partners developed a master plan with a financial analysis to evaluate economic feasibility and return on investment calculations, together with an analysis of FBO operations. AGP was able to produce recommendations of potential uses for multiple airport parcels, inclusive of phasing recommendations

  • Assisted in the in the development of strategic aviation marketing plans
  • Established a financial pro forma to develop an accurate bottom-line development cost and lease rates necessary for financially sustainable development considerations
  • Conducted a stakeholder survey and competitive analysis of airports, rates, facilities and development opportunities

Consulting – FBO Financial Feasibility Analysis

Napa, CA – Napa County Airport (APC)

Aeroplex Group Partners evaluated FBO proposals at Napa County Airport (APC) to analyze respective capital investment, business plan submittals and applied uniform airport rents and fees along with combined revenue, expenses, and growth assumptions. AGP determined the optimal lease rates to enable two airport FBOs at APC to sustainably compete and thereby optimize the County’s revenue and services to the community.

  • Established a financial analysis to determine the rental rats and anticipated internal rate of return (IRR) of each FBO, providing a data driven basis for the County’s negotiations.
  • Developed a financial analysis to evaluate economic feasibility and return on investment calculations, together with an analysis of FBO operations, including stress testing market share conditions that would test the considerations to best optimize the investment for all parties.

Consulting – FBO Financial Feasibility Analysis

San Bernardino, CA – San Bernardino International Airport (SBD)

The Aeroplex Group Partners advised SBD Airport in the review of current and future FBO operations, FAA policy relative to exclusive proprietary rights, industry standards, guidelines and best management practices, considering the specific conditions at SBD, the forecasts for FBO operations, and consideration of new airport demand requirements that may influence FBO operations in the future. All of which will assist in supporting the Airport’s role in the community.

  • Evaluated FBO operations metrics and defined the options, benefits and risks for a potential second FBO operation at SBD Airport
  • Considered SBD Airport Minimum Standards and Rules & Regulations related to FBO operations
  • Identified SBD Airport’s marketability, as the exclusive provider, for FBO operations in the nations network of FBOs
  • Provided industry best management practices, analysis, relative to public vs. private FBO operations

Consulting – Financial Feasibility Analysis

Unitah County, UT – Balance Utah

Aeroplex Group Partners assisted Balance Utah in conducting a market analysis and financial feasibility study to determine the viability of commuter airline service between Vernal, Utah and Salt Lake City, Utah. The report provided a market validation, operating analysis and capital analysis to develop a recommended airline business model. Route maps, fleet composition, schedule timetables, and pro-forma financial statements were evaluated based on results from the market analysis and financial feasibility study.

  • Evaluated the market validation of a daily flight path from Vernal, UT to Salt Lake City, UT, addressing the need and opportunity of such a transportation service and the feasibility of the service
  • Recommended the approximate aircraft type/size and estimated number of people that will use the transportation service based on the market validation analysis
  • Provided general estimated capital costs including aircraft acquisition, associated fees to establish service into Salt Lake City International Airport and Provo Airport, and preparation costs for service to begin


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