Justin Castagna, PMP, C.M. Newly appointed Board Member to the Association of California Airports

June 28, 2019

Aeroplex/Aerolease Group—a leading aviation property development, management and consulting firm would like to congratulate Justin Castagna, PMP, C.M., Aeroplex/Aerolease Group’s Director of Operations and Project Management, on being appointed to the Association of California Airports (ACA) Board of Directors.

The ACA represents both publicly- and privately-owned airports in the state of California and organizations and individuals working to foster, promote, and develop the air transportation system. ACA is unique in that it actively seeks the participation of the airport-related industry to determine issues that need to be addressed for the collective betterment of all airports, large and small and their stakeholders who rely on them. Airport consultants, engineering firms and airport-based businesses are considered an essential part of this association, which furthers the “partners in aviation” approach, giving ACA a strong and well-rounded position when facing important industry issues.

“It’s a pleasure to have the opportunity to serve ACA and its members, and further contribute to promoting the aviation industry as a crucial asset to the State’s economy,” Castagna stated.

Castagna has participated over the years as an attendee to the annual conference and most recently has taken a leadership role in assisting ACA with California Aerospace and Aviation Days at the Capitol. Castagna alongside other ACA members and board members, promoted the importance and vitality of Aerospace and Aviation in the state of California, to legislators, staff, and the general public.

Castagna also added, “Its essential that we play a leadership role in further advocating the importance of aerospace and aviation throughout the State and maintaining the significant economic impact that the Airport’s brings to the State and California’s residents.”

We are confident and honored that Justin will have the opportunity to be part of the ACA Board through his involvement and well-rounded approach from many different facets of the aviation industry.

About Aeroplex/ Aerolease Group-

Aeroplex/Aerolease Group is an aviation property management and consulting company with three of Southern California’s most prestigious leaseholds at the Van Nuys and Long Beach Airports. Its services include aviation and industrial facility design, construction and business development, lease negotiation and management, airport consulting and contract management, and community and governmental affairs.


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