Meet Aeroplex Group Partners’ Intern – Zaina Aljazzar

Welcome Zaina Aljazzar – a new intern to the AGP team

Aeroplex Group Partners (AGP) – a leading aviation property development, management, and consulting firm – is pleased to welcome Zaina Aljazzar, as a new intern, who is now provided an opportunity to be a part of its growing team of professionals. With her involvement in leadership positions at California State University Los Angeles (CSULA) and strong interest in the aviation industry, she will be involved with and supporting the AGP administrative, consulting, and leadership teams.

The California State University Los Angeles (CSULA) Aviation Management program has developed tremendous success in producing diverse aviation career professionals, many now working locally in the Los Angeles area and beyond. The success of the program has historically been the experience of the adjunct professors, who have established a connection for the students at CSULA, to the industry, where they maximized their mentoring in guiding students to success. Under the tutelage of her Professor, Curt Castagna, Zaina displayed an ability to intelligently analyze complex issues and take concrete steps to solve problems. The next natural step was to introduce Zaina to the business environment where she could develop situational experience in a real world setting.

Aljazzar, 22, a current CSULA student, will complete her Bachelor’s degree in Aviation Administration. She is currently an active student member of the American Association of Airport Executives (AAAE) and has previously attended conferences held by the Southwest Chapter of AAAE. Her attendance in these conferences has helped develop her interpersonal and networking skills outside of the classroom, where she displayed her commitment, enthusiasm and dedication to becoming more involved in the aviation and airport management industry.

Aljazzar, who was appointed on April 12, 2021, said, “I am grateful and excited for this opportunity and looking forward to gaining valuable experience working with the Aeroplex team.”

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